The Dream Bar Collection (2017-2018) is comprised of 6 acrylic wall sconces in fluorescent red, green, blue and orange, deep red, and grey. Three of the Dream Bars are currently on display at Sustain Gallery in Chicago, and three at The Des Moines Social Club in Des Moines, Iowa. Each of the 33 LEDs on every Dream Bar are driven by an Arduino Nano, and can be powered directly by 5V USB power from any USB port. Initial sample code, provided freely by a slew of makers in the Arduino community, has been altered by Cody to allow for constantly randomized animation while the sconce is receiving power. In fact, the three Dream Bars on display at Sustain are running identical code, but the randomness results in uniquely individual light patterns, even if all three Dream Bars are turned on at the same time. The WS2812b LED tape and Arduino Nano micro-controller are embedded in a solid slab of clear acrylic, with component pockets sculpted by a CNC-machine. Atop each LED sits an acrylic rod, stimulating the light to travel tightly through the rod and emanate brilliantly from the tops, similarly to fiber optics. If you are curious about the construction, technology, or conception of these objects, feel free to contact me.