I am delighted by the novel discovery of connections between and among all areas of human study and curiosity. Many of my projects are collaborative efforts with other creatives, and even the projects I create on my own are produced through combinations of artistic experimentation, scientific application, computer-aided craft, human and environmental interaction, engineering, and natural observation. By constantly mixing technique, material, medium and composition, I aim to produce a wide variety of creative experiences for myself and others that, in turn, may inspire or aid in the creation of future works, insights, and creative endeavors.

These light-objects, sculptures, and designs serve as examples of possible application and could be used as event attractions, window display decor, event center pieces, luminaries for the home or office, sculptural installations, and even elegant night lights.


Emma Gullo


Giovanna Chiarella


Jessica Doyle


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recent Event and Gallery experiences

  • Rachel Buse’s “The INSIDE” A breathing inflatable experience

    • Inflation/deflation “breathing” mechanic by CODYRYANDESIGN

  • Curate Des Moines’ Limited Space | Art Week Opening Ceremony, June 2019

    • “Numero 4” A custom event light-art installation

    • Projected Generative Art Video Jockey Content

    • Generative Art “snapshots” for $2!

    • Design of “Art Beacon” beacon-mascot’s lighting

      • A collaboration of Art Beacon, and CODYRYANDESIGN

  • Des Moines Social Club’s New Year’s Eve BASH, December 2018

    • “The Self[ie] Observatory” lighting and animation design for a sculpture of balloon, mirror, and light.

      • A collaboration of BalloonBarDSM, yepbutnope, and CODYRYANDESIGN

    • “The Crystal Caves” atmospheric lighting design spilling color over columns of paper-crystals.

      • A collaboration of Heather Whittlsey and CODYRYANDESIGN

    • “Flower Power” A custom event light-art installation by CODYRYANDESIGN

    • Interior environmental lighting design for the event by CODYRYANDESIGN

  • The Art Terrarium’s “Glo Garden” gallery event, featuring paper-sculpture artist Heather Whittlsey with custom installation light-art by CODYRYANDESIGN